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      I wish to replace my faucet and would like to use the sink hole occupied by the dishwasher vent, can I do away with it and plumb directly to the sink waste ?

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      Retired plbg1

      No thats part of the DW hook up.

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      I will post pictures of a perfect example of the necessity of a physical separation between potable water and wastewater.

      Anything that defies Plumbing Principle #15 is not following proper protection of health and human life.

      As a plumber, I live by the code of doing it right, and right the first time.

      Anytime I hear someone trying remove something that protects from a cross-connection, it disgusts me since I know it was done for cosmetic reasons only.

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      This is the picture of the icemaker that was having its ice contaminated by sewer gas due to improper installation. Notice the discharge below the flood level rim of the sink; every time that sink clogged, it would suck wastewater back into the condensate pump every time the pump engaged, creating a cross connection back into the pump which was not trapped coming from the icemaker discharge.

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      Here is where they tied into BEHIND the trap, which allowed sewer gas to travel from the condensate pump back into the icemaker.

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      Here is the nastiness that was found in the icemaker from water filters that hadn’t been changed in 2 years, along with the sewer gas entering the ice bin.

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      Here is how the repair was made.

      The condensate pump had to remain, for the reason that the drain from icemaker is gravity, and raising the icemaker would prove unuseful. But it now discharges into an air gap, that way if it discharges, there is no way for it to reverse back, and the sink can clog without affecting the operation of the icemaker, protecting the potable water (ice) from being contaminated now.

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      Nice work on the DWV, but did you really leave the supply lines like that? Also, that condensate pump should have had a check valve on it. The check valve should have prevented any back siphonage into the pump. I do agree it was a very improper set-up and your new air gap is the right way to go.

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      Thanks for the reply.

      The reason the supply lines look like that is because those are 120″ lines so that the maintenance guys can pull the icemaker machine completely out of the corner to work on it if need be without disconnecting anything.

      I considered a in-line check valve on the condensate pump but the history of this setup was 2 icemaker filters that were not changed for almost 2 years……and the only way these guys work on it is by extreme measures or complaints.

      This inline check would of failed probably within months of gunk buildup…………constituting a callback on me why the device is failing. The existing line before was almost closed up from buildup.

      They maintain thier systems like the old addage, ” Put it in and forget it.” Not exactly correct……..but I can’t expect them to since this building is 6 acres in size.

      “Your best interest is secured by making the right decisions the first time.”

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      Retired plbg1

      How do you post pic. on this site.

      Art retired plbg

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      Retired Plbg

      Howdy. Set yourself up an account at From there…….load your images off of your computer and each time you load an image….

      There will be 3 different ways to use the image.

      Whether by URL, Image, or Tag.

      You want to use either the URL or Image code to load an image.

      You can also use the link below marked image link to make the wraps to your picture.

      Here is a URL posting of an image:

      Here is a TAG posting of the same image:

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