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      I recently moved into a house and the toilet doesn’t seem to work right. It appears there is no vent on this toilet. Will that prevent it from flushing correctly?

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      Try the bucket of water trick down the toilet; if it flushes manually, then it isolates the problem to the operation of the toilet.

      If not, it is either a clogged drain or the latter, lack of a vent.

      Use a closet auger first, if that doesn’t cure the problem then pull the toilet and attempt to remove clog in this fashion.

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      How do you know it is not vented, it could be stack vented are wet vented etc. Make sure water is up to mark in tank, make sure 1/4′ tube is in 1″ overflow pipe, make sure flapper opens all the way up,check rim of bowl and see if the holes are clean, use coat hanger to clean them out.

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      How do you know it is not vented, it could be stack vented are wet vented etc….

      The point is that the toilet drain MUST be vented. If it’s not, that is a major problem and you need to fix it. It is true that SOME plumbing setups MIGHT conceivably allow an unvented toilet to flush and drain effectively, but such an unvented system is never allowed by the plumbing codes. Please have your system inspected by a licensed plumber.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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