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      George Meates-Dennis

      My one toilet on the half underground level of my split level house does not flush very well. All the other lines in the house drain OK.

      I guess my city will clean out the sewer line that runs from the house to the street. How can you tell if there is a blockage in that section?

      If there is a blockage between the house and the street would all my drains drain poorly?

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      Retired plbg1

      Maybe your bowl needs work. Take a 5 gal. bucket of wter and dump down bowl if it flushes okay the do this. Make sure water level in tank is up to mark, make sure 1/4″ tube is in 1′ overflow pipe. Make sure flapper is working , in your flushing rim on the bowl take a mirrow and look and see if holes are clean, if not take coat hanger and use it to clean out holes. Make sure hole in bottom of bowl is clean, after you do all ofthis and it still does not flush call a Plumber. If your other fix work and drain then your line is not stopped up because the all drain into same pipe.

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      The sewer line from your house to the main is yours and must be maintained at your expense.

      Art is right try that first and see if that helps.

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