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      I purchased a used (2003) 5th Wheel Camper and have discovered that the “Black Water” holding tank isn’t completely draining due to a build up of toilet paper and etc.
      I suspect that the drain was open and the fluids drained off leaving the rest.
      It seems to be flushing better each time we dump the tank but I can not see into the tank to verify this.
      As a result of the suspected residue on the sides of the tank, the tank level guages are not accurate.
      Is there a chemical a person can put into the holding tank that will disolve any paper or poop that is hanging on the sides or bottom of the tank?
      I spoke with a plumber and he suggested “Thrift” a crystalized product and then fill with hot water.
      The tank and connections are plastic/rubber.
      Any help would be appreciated.

      Paul G.

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      I use that Thrift drain cleaner all the time, but I would not advise that use in your situation.

      You need to pull that toilet in that vehicle, take a hose and manually spray the tank (jet) and leave the port open that drains the tank.

      This will be laborious and painstaking, but it will resolve your issue with buildup, and possibly remedy the situation with the gauge readings for the tank.

      “Your best interest is secured by making the right decisions the first time.”

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      Don 411

      Fill the black tank about 1/4 full with water. Add 2-3 bags of ice and drive around. the sloshing action with the ices cubes will help break up the sludge build up.

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      Retired plbg1
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