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      My standpipe to my washing machine is not tied into my septic system and it is 1 foot above the top of my washing machine.

      I need to tie it in to the main plumbing so it will end up in my septic tank ,but I do not want to tie it into the septic tank on the outside of my house.

      One plumber wanted to create a drain that was lower and tie it into the main stack in the attic or roof which requires removing part of a wall and is pretty costly.

      Another suggested somehow using a sump pump for a washing machine to eject it into the main plumbing.

      Are these my only options? I’m looking to sell this house and want it done to code but as cost-effect as possible.

      And, how is the plumbing constructed to tie the washing machine in using a sump pump?

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      Elevate the washing machine on a platform to make up the difference.

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