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      i read the earlier post on switching out the tub spout. my valve is stuck in the shower position, yet some water trickles out the spout. i looked under the spout and saw an access there, but could find no allen screw. i tried to twist on the spout with no luck, but i didn’t want to break anything either. i would like to get this thing working again. what should i do? do i need to just really torque on the spout to get it off? the diverter linkage isn’t attached to anything? is there a website where i could see a breakdown of how this system is setup and how it works? thanks.

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      Get a mirror and hold it under sppout to see if that is an allen nut under the spout. If it is loosen it and pull off. Then get a replacement.
      If there is no allen nut, then the tub spout unscrews from the wall.
      Good Luck.
      The Local Plumber
      Tustin, California

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      A lot of spouts are connected by a nipple (short threaded pipe) with female threads built into the spout and male threads screwing into the elbow 90 degree fitting in the wall and this spout. Now a lot of so called plumbers out there no longer can read a ruler and certain manufacturers have resorted to a push on type of spout connection.
      FORGET the mirror dude unless your opening a beauty parlor or working on AC systems. I would strongly suggest you try to unscrew the spout
      IF you have a spout with a built in diverter OR call a LMP to just replace your shower body with an anti scald type (pressure / temperature)
      Then you have a choice of an integral diverter (part of the showerbody) OR a tub spout type again.

      Think of it your paying for the knowledge and if you watch the Licensed plumber the next time YOU can be the hero and know exactly what to do. Good Luck

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