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      We have lived here for 4 years and a lot of times after we take a shower or do a few load of laundry our house stinks like sewer for atleast a few hours. We have had 3 plumbers try to fix it. We replaced all of the drains and traps, we installed an extra vent in our kitchen for the dishwasher and washer. Everything always drains fine. We have a vent outside of our bathroom but it doesn’t go through the roof, it is just right by the side of our house and it stops about 10-12 feet up. I don’t know if that could be a problem or if it could be clogged up or something. it doesn’t smell when we flush the toilet. Please can someone help me??? Also, how do I know if the traps have water in them? Thanks so much!

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      Do a smoke bomb test; that should of been the first mode of operation.

      That would provide proof of where the sewer gas is emitting from.

      The vent on the side of the house is wrong, it should be inside the wall and at least 18″ above the roof line.

      Pouring water in any trap ensures there is water in them. If the trap is cracked, then that is one way to lose the protection of a seal.

      Another is evaporation due to warm climate or room temperature.

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      It is not necessary that the vent be concealed in the wall but it is definately required to be 18 inches above roof line, are you connected to reticulated sewer or septic tank,if you are connected to a septic tank it is sometimes necessary to vent the drainage line at the tank to allow an updraught ventilation through your drainage lines, this is called a relief vent.

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      I don’t recall where I saw this, but there is a product on the market that goes over the vent pipe. It’s a carbon filter, which is supposed to filter out any bad smells. I have no idea how well it works or where to find it.

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      I think your problem is the vent on the outside run it above the roof and I think the problem will be solved.

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