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      Darrin Dickerhoof

      I have a new washing machine that is connected to a new 2″ PVC drain line standpipe and drain system. The top of the washing machine line is at approximately 46″ above the floor when installed in the standpipe. The bottom of the standpipe at the p trap is approximately 24″ above the floor. After the p trap, the drain continues on a slight incline for approximately 2 ft before the drain connects into the main house sewer just prior to where the main sewer leaves the house. The washer is located in the basement. During the wash/rinse cycle the washer drains with no problem. During the spin cycle suds backup and overflow the standpipe. The Maytag rep has observed the problem. He is convinced that the problem is not with the washer. He also has said that the drain system is setup in accordance with Maytag’s requirements. I have tried various amounts of laundry soap and found that even with hardly any soap, I still get the problem. The washer drain line came with an attachment that allows the drain line to fit tightly in the PVC standpipe but provides a vent path via a circular maze made into the attachment. I have the sudsing problem even when this attachment is removed and the drain line is just hung in the standpipe. Does any one have any suggestions?

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      Retired plbg1

      Sounds like your trap is to high above the floor so it makes your standpipe to short and the suds when they back up has no place to go but out the top ofthe pipe. Either you got to lower the trap to the floor are extend your hose on wash machine and lenghten your 2″ pipe are try less soap and use Arm& Hammer soap.

      Art retired plbg

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      Jerry,Could be that your main sewer is partialy plugged and can’t handle all of the water.You stated that the drain is only 2ft. long and is on an inclinectually it should be on a decline,down hill not up hill. Just my two cents worth.

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