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      Darrin Dickerhoof

      My sewer pipes are 4″ PVC. The house interior sewer cleanout cap appears to have been installed with plumbers putty on the threads. The cleanout cap will not budge. I am afraid to use a great deal of force for fear of breaking either the cap or one of the pipes. Is there a trick for getting the cap off (e.g., heating the cap with a hair dryer to loosen the putty)? Should putty have been used by the original contractor? Can I use teflon tape on the threads if I am sucessful in getting the sewer cleanout cap off?

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      Retired plbg1

      You sure it is Plumbers Putty, It is soft and do get hard, it must be silicone caulk. Take a hole saw and cut a hole in plug and cut 2 places down near bottom about 1″ apart and break it out with plyers and then be carefull and cut dow as close as you can with small hand saw and take screw driver and try to break piece out till female threads are shown and then take hammer and screw driver and beat aganist plug from out side to inside and see if you can getit out, then buy a new plug.

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      You can use teflon tape if the threads are ok.If not you could use an expansion plug.If you have enough room between the female adaptor and the fitting it is cemented into ,you could cut it off and install a new c.o.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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