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      I am looking at some drawings of an appartus with a port measurement of 200 NB with a pipe type of 200 NB 10.
      Could anyone tell me what 200 NB is in mm and what
      200 NB 10 is as a grade?

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      200NB is 200mm nomonal bore or ID Inside diameter Aprox 8″. 10 would indicate its pressure rating or 10 Bar aprox 1000kpa or 120psi (aprox)

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      Ohh, its in here too


      All advice is given with-out seeing the job, and hence all advice MUST be taken as advice with limited knowledge on the exact situation. NO responsibility can or will be taken. And yes, I am a licensed Plumber and Drainer with my own business in Brisbane Australia.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Hey Bunge. Wot was the name of that Oxy Acetylene occurance?
      Have you been doing any Hotel work lately?

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      John Aldrich1

      Hey Bungie, why have you not responded to Robert Stephen Morton’s (Bob’s) questions? The rest of the world is interested in hearing the details of the “Oxy Acetylene occurrance.” Is this some sort of Australian mystery?

      I have spent the entire last two days going through the piles of material that have accumulated in my office and placing the documents that must be filed in their appropriate files, and discardig the junk. There seems to be a lull in activity this winter here in Colorado. The weather has been summer like, with daytime air temperatures of 60 degrees F. and very little snowfall.

      As I was sorting out the piles, I came across a card from Johannes Biala of Wynnum Creek, Qld. Australia. The card has a picture of the beautiful harbor at Wynnum Creek. Johannes wrote a very nice note inside of the card thanking me for corresponding with him about the potential of designing a septage treatment facility in Queensland. I have placed this treasured picture and note in my Australia scapbook.

      I would really appreciate receiving other picture postcards of scenes in Australia. So if any of the Aussie Plumbers who frequent the Discussion Forum would care to send a picture postcard to me it will join the other Australian treasures that I have collected over the years.

      My mailing address is:

      John W. Aldrich (Septic Tank Yank)
      P.O. Box 205
      Timnath, Colorado USA

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