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      shawn holdsclaw

      Hey what do you all think of this sink drain installation ?

      The GD and the Sink Tee together upstream of the Ptrap. Then there’s an air addmitance Valve downstream of the Ptrap. This is the set-up that has beeb generating foul odors per the previous topic. See the picture.

      Sink Drain Installation


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      Retired plbg1

      First thing is Garbage Disp. is suppose to connect into trao and tee installed between Disp. and trap for drain to other sunk, that way you get a surge and lots of waste comes up in other sink. I would never use air valve, I would loop vent it. What I hear about those air valves is you should have a long piece of pipe and then the valve, that why you are getting the gas . Boy I guese that smells good there all the time, Did you have that inspected, When I was Insp. I would have rejected that.

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      From what I see it looks fine other than the fact that the AAV should of had a higher pipe..closer to the bottom of sink…..I would 45 it to the left or right out of the way of the faucet tie-in.

      I usually straight line the disposal tailpiece into a end outlet waste but I can see why you chose a center outlet waste.

      I know for a fact that the center outlet waste is a baffled tee, so I cannot see how it would send waste from disposal straight across from one side to another.

      And if the drain was to back up,,,,,the disposal and the opposite side bowl is going to fill up anyway.

      Loop vents are the best way to do this kind of situation but the bad thing about loop vents is when those lines clog, there is no way to see if the tee for the vent is clogged thanks to the back-up, and therefore the drain system becomes problematic for that simple fact that it is impossible to get to the tee to clean it……because it is not required to have a cleanout before that tee for the vent out of that line. It does for the start of the drain line running horizontal for the destination of the main drain, and we all know why they enforce that cleanout, because it has the potential to clog, and I cannot recall how many times I have been called out to clear problem drains on island sink applications.

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      When AAV,s first came out there was instructions with them that stated they should be placed no closer than six inches from the trap,the higher the better.Iam not a great fan of the AAV,s ,but they do work .

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      The stub-out, which included the AAV, was installed by a professional, licensed plumber who got paid big bucks.
      The AAV worked flawlessly for about 6 months. If I had known during the framing stage that the Loop Vent was the way to go, then that’s what I would have done. I simply told the plumber where the island was going to be, and let the rest up to him. If he would have told me that the installation required a loop vent, then that is what I would have gone with. It would not have been that much extra work. But now that the Island is completely in, and the new floor, cabinets, etc, it would be a pretty messy and expensive job to install the loop vent. I had assumed that the professional plumber would know what’s best, especially for the amount of $$$ he charged. It looks like he slapped in the AAV to save time. I might be able to raise the level of the AAV a inch or two, but that’s about it. Unless you guys have got any other suggestions, looks like I have to replace the AAV every 6 months or so.

      This is a great forum and I thank you for your advice and opinions.

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      just in case anybody is interested … i removed the Air Admittance Valve. I shook it like a can of spray paint, re-installed it, and now it works. No odors.

      it is a very simple device. a housing and a diaphram – that’s it. Hardware store wants $25 for a new one.

      I was wondering if some sort of lubricant, like silicon spray, would be a good thing to apply ? Thoughts ?

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