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      I am a new homeowner. Previous owners reported needing rotorooters about once a year. We have slow draining b-room sinks with occasional residue in sinks and tubs. Toilets also flush slowly at times. Noticed a nasty smell last night but couldn’t determine where.

      Do you recommend that I call a plumber now? BTW – 2 big trees in front yard. What to do????????

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      mpspecht. Yes call in a reputable Licensed Plumber who has a Camera & Drain cleaning capeabilities.
      This way you will find out the exact reason for your troubles & if necessary have an idea of the costs involved.

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      Works good if you find roots.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Dunbar. I had a job not long ago in a state school, the drainage went under a large concrete area, had lots of trouble with roots, we finished recommending to cut down the only tree in the area, the govt were aghast “Shock, Horror” the maintenance manager finally agreed to plug up the line & we introduced “tordon” into the drg. About a month later the only tree in the area started to wilt uneplained & died. We have’nt replaced the drainage. however we hav’nt been back to to a choke.

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      Sounds like that product did exactly what it was designed to do.

      What is Tordon? Sounds like it was very effective in its treatment.

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Its a tree herbicide, very selective, only kills the offending tree.

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