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      David Brown

      I just replaced a old concrete sewer line to my house. I made the correct fall on the line but it is now full of clear water? Is there a way to correct this without digging the line back up to find the problem? I have heard I can put some type of pressure device in the line to flush it.????

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      You could either use a blow up sack that uses a water hose water pressure to assist in the forcing of water through the line or I would consider having a licensed plumber come out and snake the line to see what the obstruction is in the line.

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      The sewer line seems to be clear all the way out to the main line. Could the pipe have settled down during the backfill? Is there anyway to fix this without redoing the entire job?

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      If the installer of the underground piping did not use proper bedding or grillage to support the underside of the piping upon backfilling, this could easily create a belly in the pipe system.

      More than just the belly itself, if PVC piping was used in this replacement, the strain on the piping itself and the fittings attaching the pipe will either eventually split or shear off due to the material not being used for its designed purpose.

      I cannot stress enough that the liability lays on the plumber, not the individual backfilling because if the plumber had the work inspected, he or she knows very well that all piping installed underground must be supported and be surrounded by proper grillage if piping is not supported by virgin uncut earth.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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