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      Is there anything that can be done to stop a small leak at a PVC joint. This is in 3″ pipe, drain line.

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      I heard of using a Vac on the line and sucking in cleaner and then glue. If it is a hub that is leaking try drilling a hole in line with leak, make sure you go through hub only not the pipe, and use a vac and suck the cleaner in the leak a couple times and then suck it dry and do the same with clue. You can also cut out pipe and use 2 nohub bands and replace the leaky fitting and new pipe with a new one.

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      Cut the sucker out and glue in a new piece.

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      I agree ,why not fix it right.You will probably spend more time trying to cobble it up and still leak than you would fixing it right the first time.

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      As a quick fix I used some clear 100% silicone. Works great! Can’t even see it!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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