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      I have one toilet that has a sluggish flush. I have a septic system which was pumped and passed inspection in April of ’02. A plumber has plunged and used a snake on this toilet. Because it bubbles when it flushes, he suspects something blocking that isn’t coming loose with his attempts. My other toilets, sinks, and tub drain fine. The plumber thinks a new toilet would solve the problem. In addition to this problem, in just the last few days the bowl doesn’t fill much after flushing. I’d appreciate any advice, suggestions, guesses before I spend a lot of money on inspections. Thank you.

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      Retired plbg1

      Take a 5 Gal. bucket of water and dump in bowl and if it takes it then you are okay if not the n do the folling
      make sure water is up to mark in tank
      make sure 1/4″ tube is in the 1″ overflow pipe
      make sure flapper stays up long enough to make a flush
      check the underside of flushing rim to make sure holes are clean, use old wire coat hanger to clean out holes
      check hole in bottom back of bowl and see it is clean that should do it and if it dont work let me know.

      Art retired plbg

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