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      James Pinkston

      The tiles in my Ensuite Shower are stained (looks like you have showered with dirty feet) we had used Kemclean to try and remove the “black” stain, but to no avail.
      There also a wet area under the wall adjacent to where the shower door hinges, this is constantly wet also and the wall is separating the hallway and the ensuite.

      I have had a tiler look at the stain in the floor tiles and he says that there is water is trapped between the membrane and the tiles and the water is rising up through the tiles. The shower recess is just a depression in the slab (not a hob shower).

      He also said that the shower should have been fitted with pool trap to remove any trapped water. The floor waste is solid PVC (no holes or slots) from the drain grate right down to where the drainpipe narrows from approx 100mm to 50mm, so there is no way the water can drain away from between the tiles and the waterproof membrane.
      The tiles now have mildew under the glaze and this the black stain that I had tried to remove with the Kemcleans.

      As the house is only 2 1/2yrs old the Tiler advised me to make an official complaint (letter) to the builder (a Major company), so I did this and they sent out their Mtce Manager who said they would re-grout the tiles as the spacers are showing. We asked him about replacing the tiles with the mildew under the glaze and he said they would not replace the damaged tiles, just fix the grouting.

      Should or is, the Builder responsible for rectifying the problem and replacing the tiles in our shower/ensuite?

      I have been told that if the tiles have to be replaced that they will have to do the whole ensuite as they will not be able to colour match the existing tiles and this probably why the builder only wants to fix the grouting.

      Can somebody please give me some helpful information on what needs to be done to get my problem fixed.

      P.S. I live in QLD.


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      Robert Stephen Morton

      Peter. contact your closest QBSA office & make a complaint.
      The builder must rectify the problem or face fines.

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      QBSA are now involved thanks very much Bob, I will post the end result for other Forum user’s to use as a guide or Ref.


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