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      We have had a room refurbished which was previously used as a storage room, but is now a study/spare room.
      Our house is a flibro/weatherboard, and one of the walls of this very close to the border of our property (within 6 inches).
      The neighbours land is slightly above floor level of this room (about 3 inches), and he has filled soil up against our wall.
      Unfortunetly, to the best endevours of our builder who has put blue-board on the exterior wall, sealant, and water-proof paint, water is leaking (seaping) through the soil and into the room after heavy rain.
      BTW, the room is on a concrete slab.

      What would be the best option to keep the water out. Bearing in mind the limited space, and small height difference soil and floor? Ideally making a gap between soil and the wall.

      thanks for any tips,

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      Retired plbg1

      Have you got enough room to install drain tile around wall.

      Art retired plbg

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