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      Avatar photoWilliam Gray

        I am moving overseas and am considering taking my new dishwasher. The country I am going to has hard water and I am worried about corrosion, etc. Is there a specific dishwasher detergent I can use or another chemical additive that will help soften the water so that I don’t have to worry about costly water filters.

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        Avatar photodaveroconn

          If the country you are moving to has hard water it may also have poor water quality. I would be more worried about the water I was taking a shower in rather than if my dishwasher was going to be damaged. Dishwashers can be replaced. When you get there I would have some water samples taken and if the water is hard use a water softener to take care of it. I would be more concerned about things like bacteria and viruses.

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            How do you know the country that your going to will have the volume of hot water needed for your Dish washer as a lot of countries have point of use heaters and cannot supply the volume needed or temperature (180 for sterilization 140 for general cleaning)

            Did you also know a lot of countries use DC as opposed to AC electric?

            What other water conditions are you aware of besides hard water?

            Remember one thing America WAS blessed with the worlds best drinking water and a lot of countries cannot make a claim that their water is even considered potable by our standards.

            The dish washer is the least of your concerns.

            Some localities even in this country (USA) to comply with the safe water drinking act add all kinds of great chemicals to kill off bacteria like chlorine for example.

            Ever take a sample of pool water and test it for the chlorine level?

            Then take a “potable” water sample and test it for chlorine Don’t be surprised if the chlorine level in your tap water is even stronger than the pool level.

            Remember pool water is tested often and you know what kind of dummies are now handling water quality in some cities.

            I love hot showers and I could smell the chlorine while showering That is why YOU should forget the dishwasher and think seriously about looking into POINT OF USE Filters to remove heavy metals and other chemicals that maybe added to the local water supply.

            The reason I am for STRICTLY point of use water filters is simple WHY treat water going down the toilet (most of the water is used for this purpose) Or for watering your lawn.

            One more point about whole house filtration systems that folks fail to realize is some folks are allergic to copper/plastic leaching into the water and filtering the water as it enters the home is just plain wasting your money. As the water AFTER the filter still picks up particles traveling through the system as now you no longer have the luxury of the chlorine killing any residue bacteria lurking in the system in the piping.

            Have a great one

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