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      Toilet levels drop when running showers or washing machine. Flush okay. Have noticed ponding at inlet side of septic tank. Plumber looked at tank and distribution box. Water level was above the outlet pipe. He has recommended laying a new leach field. Seems to make sense but I am a little concerned that the breakthrough was at the inlet side. Shouldn’t there have been seepage at the distribution box. Is there any thing else to check before we go forward with new distribution lines? thanks for your help.

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      Sounds more like a clogged line more than anything else. I am just going by how you describe it though.

      How did the plumber arrive at NOT a clog?

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      Water seeks its own level, so if the tank isn’t level or the diversion box is off, or the soils are packed tighter there… We’ve had lots of rain this year (in Ohio). I’m not sure where you’re at, but if you’ve had a wet season, then pumping the tank is the first step. The next step would be to switch sides of your leachfield (or whatever your secondary system is).

      Dunbar had a very valid point – you might want to have the house lines snaked out up to the septic tank.

      Couple of things to point out – never ever drive over any part of your septic system, this can crush a line, and create problems similar to what you’re having.

      Space out your water useage. For example, do not get up in the morning, everyone take a shower, run the dishwasher and do laundry. Use the timer feature on the dishwasher to run it when no one is home, or at night. Space out laundry when other water isn’t being used. Never do more than 2-3 loads of laundry in one day, to prevent flushing the tank out. If you run too much water through your system, it will not be able to settle in the septic tank, and can even stir up the solids in the tank and those solids can plug up your leachfield. It’s much cheaper to pump out the tank regularly than to install a new secondary system.

      Also, don’t waste your money on additives, such as “Septic Helper” or yeast or other such miracle cures. They do not help the system at best, and at worst they can harm it. (visit

      Holly Rast

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