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      I am building a new exterior, below grade stairway at my home and need to install a drain at the bottom to drain off rain water. I plan to drain the water into a sump pump located inside the basement. My questions:

      1. Code seems to require a 2 inch pipe running the 20 foot distance between the stairs and the sump pump. Is 2 inch pvc good or would another size or material be better?

      2. What type floor drain do you recommend I get to install in the concrete stairway.

      3. Should I install a trap under the floor drain? Would the trap likely freeze? I live in Arlington Virginia where the frost depth is 24 inches. Thanks.

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      Retired plbg1

      Your pipe for drain should be 3or 4 “. The pump discharge can be 2″, make sure you put check valve in vertical line, Get a Floor Drain with a removel grate some thing with slots in it about 8” are larger . You dont need trap. the water has to be pumped outside, not in any Sanitary sewer. If you have existing pump going to sanitary line then you cant run rain water in that sump, have to put in another one.

      Art retired plbg

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