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      This spring we had water puddling on our fields. We had the septic co come out and they said that it was hard to say if it was leach field failure or b/c of the amount of rain we have had this year.. most rain since 1940 they said. Our home is 20 years old. They pumped it out and said if it dried out and stayed dry that it was probably the rain. We are the first house on the bottom of the street so all the rain from the top comes on down. It was pumped 3 months ago and dried up and has been dry since. I am wondering if it is b/c of the pumping or b/c it is summer that all is well? We had a septic dye test performed and nothing came up in the fields.. I am worrying b/c winter is coming and if I need to replace the fields I want to do it before winter. Does anyone know in their experience if we would continue to have water pooling even after pumping the tank or if the empty tank is making things ok but we will most likely have problems again? Also what other way can we test the field besides dye??? Thank you!!

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      Do a perk test on the soil where fields are….this will tell you if the soil is proper for the absorption.

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