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      Since I moved into this house a little over a year ago I have had constant plumbing problems. I have snaked the entire house about 5 times so far. The toliet in the master bath flushes once then it will bubble up and overflow on the next flush. Then I leave it for a few hours to settle back down and the cycle is repeated. The toliet in the other bath has always had flushing problems because you have to hold the handle down to get it to flush all the way. No backups into bathtub or sinks but they drain a little slow. We just snaked house again about a month ago and last night put the stuff that kills roots in pipes. Any other suggestions would help. thanks

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      Retired plbg1

      Are you sure bowl has nothing cut in it, take up bowl and run water in pipe and see if it backs up about 5 Gal. are more. The other toilet has to have flapper ajusted and make sure water is up to mark in the tank, If water goes down on the first bowls pipe thenput it back with new wax ring and check to make sure water is up to mark in tank, check flushing rim with mirrow and make sure all holes are cleaned, use coat hanger end, make sure jet hole is clean in bottom of bowl. Ajust flapper if you need to. Let me know how it turns out.

      Art retired plbg

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      KMCROD. with no intent to insult you, It never ceases to amaze me on these forums that laypeople will subject themselves to days or weeks of inconvenience in an effort to “DO IT YOURSELF” yet have no idea of the methods.
      Call a proffessional Plumber to carry out a video inspection of your drainage, in a affort to:
      1. identify problems such as backfall. sunken or broken pipes, root intrusion, blocked vent lines.
      If your drainage is functional then the fact that the cistern does or doesnt flush properly will not effect the other fixtures. your problem is with the drainage or venting.
      I have seen drainage with branch lines that are completely closed by roots, consecutive drain cleaning has left the branch useless so if there is a slight blockage or whateve the fixtures will appear to block or be sluggish.
      Call a proffessional plumber.

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      I have to concur with RSM on this one, KMCROD. You have done an admirable thing by snaking your “entire” drain system, and a DIYer who has done that should not feel inadequate if he calls in more seasoned troops to fight the battle.


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      Spend the money and have a licensed plumber inspect the problem. This will tell you precisely what is wrong and fix it probably cheaper than you think.

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