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      a) my dishwasher doesn’t drain properly and seems to get a dirty water “backwash” in it after draining.

      b) the downstairs powder room toilet has a very small seepage around the base after flushing.

      c) the master bathroom (above the kitchen) sink almost doesn’t drain anymore. I already tried drain cleaner on it and it worked slightly, but since then it’s gotten worse and worse.

      d) the master tub also is draining slowly.

      e) about a month ago, during a period of extremely heavy rain, I went into the basement and found water coursing down one of the outside walls. It only happened once that I can tell. The yard on the other side of the wall seems level and is covered by a deck. Could this be connected to any of the other problems? p.s. the aforementioned problems began before this.

      Do you think I have a clogged main line and if so, how much does that usually cost to fix? I am a new homeowner and don’t want to get ripped off.

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      Sounds like a leaking wax ring on toilet and a clogged line.

      It would be hard to determine cost since you don’t know
      how much work is going to be involved, but I definitely suggest that the plumber pull that toilet and either attack the clog from there or the nearest cleanout.

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