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      I’ve heard that the 2″ pipe is to small for modern top-of-the-line washing machines that have 17-21 gpm pumps. Has anyone observed this and will a 3″ pipe solve the problem?

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      All the houses here use 2″ standpipe, sometimes if you use soap that makes to much suds then you have trouble of suds backing up, if you are not sure use 3″ standpipe and drain.

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      For a WM a properly plumbed 2″ standpipe, trap, and drain line will always be sufficient, unless they redesign WMs to eject larger volumes of waste water. But in DWV plumbing, larger pipe is always better. There may be a suds issue, as RP says. If so, going to 3″ should be overkill. In DWV, overkill is never a bad thing.


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