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      We have put an addition on our home and the new laundry room is in the center of the house. The PVC drain that was installed for the washing machine is so loud. Is there a way to insulate or muffle that noise?

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      The pipe can be insulated are insulation put in walls, if pipe is in wall then you will have to cut hole in to get to pipe.They might have some of that foam insulation in a can , you could make a small hole and spray it in in diferent places.

      Art retired plbg

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      You have just learned the major disadvantage of plastic DWV pipe…It is noisy. A major advantage (besides durability) of CI DWV pipe is that it is the quietest for drains.

      To minimize noise, plastic pipe needs to be very well supported to framing members and it should be insulated in the walls. This should have been done by the person who installed the plastic drain.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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