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      I have put in three effluent pumps in six years. It is a Meyers ME40MC-11 4/10HP 115V. (Original and two replacements) Last Thursday, I had the septic tank routinely pumped, (they pump all three chambers), and this Thursday the high water alarm blared. They had mentioned that sometimes after pumping, the pump becomes air locked, and to call them if the alarm went off. So I called, and they came, yet the pump would not come on even after bleeding the air out. They check the original permit- it is a pump to a conventional field(not low pressure), and suggested that I upgrade to a 1/2 HP pump, because I have about a 25-30 foot rise that the pump has to push the effluent. We are a large family- 11 people, have a large usage (350-400 gallons/day), and large septic tanks (1500 gallons for both) Now the clincher: the septic man can not come until Monday, maybe Tuesday. Do I go and get a pump and try to switch it out? Does Meyers have a 1/2 HP that is about the same size so that the heights are comparable inside the tank if I located it where the other one is? Do you have a different recommendation of pumps? Does is sound like replacing the pump is the fix for the problem? (This pump was installed in Jan 2003!) Or do I just invoke lifestyle changes and hold on for the septic man?
      Thanks for your help.

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      Hold on for septic man, you will get over your head maybe.

      Art retired plbg

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      I held on and it was DEFINIELY the right choice! We did switch out the pump for a 1/2 HP, but he did much more! He found and checked the D-Box before switching out the pumps and made sure that the effluent was being pumped – that the line was not clogged. He installed a check valve that could be closed so if the pump ever needed repair or replacement you can close the effluent from coming back downhill. He put the pump float and the high water alarm float on a different freestanding post so when you pull up the pump, you don’t have to pull up the floats or vice versa. He tested the system with the more powerful pump and checked the flow at the D-Box and regulated the flow down the drain field pipes. Then he gave me his guarantee. I was impressed, pleased, and happily gave him his money and giant bottles of ice water. Everything he did will make maintenance, repair, or replacement easier! I am a happy customer. Now off to take a shower!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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