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      Bio-Clean makes claims about bacteria which eat the stuff in drains, making your whole plumbing system including the vents whistle clean.

      It’s fairly expensive. Is it really the way to go for cleaning grease, gunk out of drains and if not, is periodic routine maintence with some kind of drain cleaner recommended?

      Regards, Ron

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      I am new to this business, but I have had several calls requesting to purchase the product. One call came from
      a hospital manager requesting it for kitchen use. She also uses it at home and is crazy about the stuff.

      There is also another product called EcoEthic now on the market.

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      I’m not sure what Bio-Clean is (I will look it up), but I would guess that is shouldn’t be used in septic systems, as it might sterilize the septic tank.


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      Here are two links which are good for reading about Bio-Clean benefits.

      Regards, Ron

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      I did check the BioClean product info, and they say it is safe for septic systems. They say its loaded with “good” bacteria. I don’t work on septic systems (there aren’t any in my immediate area). I’m not sure that BioClean would be very useful for systems hooked up to a muncipal sewer system.


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      Rather than make this a really long reply, I’ll suggest folks visit

      The simple answer is NO. Septic system additives do not work in most situations. There are a VERY few specific situations where it might help, for example if someone in the household is on long term antibiotics or chemotherapy.

      Holly Rast

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      I don’t have a septic system….just the municipal sewer system. Is Bio-Clean or other drain cleaner useful for periodic maintenance (not backup or blockage)?

      Regards, Ron

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      I wouldn’t bother with this product.

      It will run along the bottom of pipe as would any other liquid.

      Sounds like a gimmic to make money. I would actually have to have case histories to prove that it keeps systems clean.

      Did anyone tell you that a properly vented and properly sloped piping system eliminates such product?

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      cove – the old adage “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” holds true. If you’re not having problems, don’t worry about it.

      Holly Rast

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