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      When I put too much garbage (meat, leftovers, etc) the drain in the basement back up

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      Snake out your drain. Then put your garbage in the garbage can and put a strainer in your sink drain. When the strainer gets clogged, dump that stuff in your garbage can. Your drain should work fine. If you miss using your garbage disposal, you can run it now and then just to hear it hum and impress your houseguests. In a few years it may wear out, at which time you can remove it, and your drain will work even better.


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      Shame on you Nick,don’t be so nasty.The biggest problem is that most people do not run enough water when using the disposer,thus the end result is a plugged up drain.

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      Harris04 and racefanone…

      Please accept my apologies…I didn’t mean to sound nasty, and I don’t have a nasty bone in my body. I was trying to be humorous about garbage disposals. I’ve posted on the subject before. I simply think that these contraptions are, from a plumbing perspective, more trouble than they are worth. Obviously a large part of the world disagrees with me, including, alas, even those who live in the NtP household. Yes, I was compelled to put one of these things in my own kitchen sink. And yes, I have installed several hundred of them over the years for clients who insisted on having them, even though I always try to discourage them. I know it’s a losing battle. Sometimes I feel like a Luddite, like the maker of buggey whips decrying the fad for automobiles.


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      John Aldrich1

      NtP, I do not think that your response was nasty at all, just truthful. I think that it was Aristotle that said, “The truth is that, which once revealed, cannot be denied.” I share your view regarding the use of garbage grinders. I do not own one, nor will I ever own one. I recommend the use of garbage grinders only in situations where compost piles are problematic because they attract bears, and other troublesome animals, and where garbage collection services are not available.

      » This message has been edited by John Aldrich on 29 August 2003

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      NtPpology accepted.I was just trying to be humorous too.Guess we both would make lousy comedians.I guess if John thought your reply was nasty ,he would have deleted it.I speak from experience,cause he has deleted a few of mine,right John?

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      John Aldrich1

      racefanone, :>) Say, that offer for you to become the moderator of this fine site is still open, and I am storing those “special” Timnath sausages in my freezer in anticipation of your promised visit.

      John Aldrich (Septic Tank Yank)
      Septic System Consultant
      Timnath, Colorado USA

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      Thanks alot John,I’ll pass on the job and the food,lol

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