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      Working on a project in Santa Monica, trying to detail the drain for a concrete hot tub set below the ground level floor, basically on grade. Do we need a P trap and/or access below? If so, do we need to excavate 18 inches below, or is there a way to access from the side? If not, can we run run it to the main drain by gravity or is it too low? We plan to use ABS piping. And the tub is deeeper than 18 in. so technically, the CBC calls it a pool. Any advice or links appreciated. thanks

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      The best thing for you to do would be to contact the plumbing inspector in Santa Monica and find out what the code is there.Not giving you the run around ,but what might be legal in my area might not be in your area.

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      Racefanone is correct to direct you to your local inspector for specific details. However, the UPC and IRC are pretty clear on the requirement for a p-type trap in your proposed installation. As regards the rest, the codes require appropriate venting and drainpipe diameter and slope (for a hot tub a diameter of 2″ will satisfy all requirements). Your main concern, as with all DWV plumbing, will be ALTITUDE. You need a proper slope for efficient waste drainage. Access to traps and pipe runs is almost never a major concern. After they are inspected and passed you may even embed your drains in concrete. This may not be an issue for passing inspection, but it may be an issue for the ease of later repair…


Viewing 2 reply threads
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