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      Chad Ryan Moser

      What’s the best method to lay straight pipe around curves, e.g., 20′ sections of SDR-35 4″ PVC drain pipe used in outdoor subdrain or at-base-behind-retaining-wall applications, where the bend of the curve exceeds pipe flexibility? I’ve used 22-1/2 degree fittings singly or doubly, the smallest-radius joints available, with some success. But are there any field manual or other bibliographic references available with detailed descriptions?

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      Retired plbg1

      Check into fernco fitting they might have some thing, go to there web site.

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      John Aldrich1

      On many occasions in the past, I have encountered trenches that were excavated in a long gradual curve to receive a septic tank effluent pipeline. I have found the best way to lay the pipe without Fernco couplings, or elbows, is to join several sections of the pipe together in a straight line, let the cement set up for a while, and then just lay the pipe in the trench.

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