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      I have recently purchased an older home, and went to repair leaking flappers in all the toilets. When I went to shut-off the water at the shut-off valve at the floor, the toilets continued to run. How do I fix this?
      Also the hose bibs leak water around the handle when the water is on. These bibs are the frost free type.

      Thanks for the help.

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      On your frost free sillcocks take the handle off, where the shaft goes into the body of the faucet it should have a nut, tighten the nut about a quater turn. It should be fixed.

      As for the supply stops, shut off the main water, replace the washers on your supply stops.

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      You do not have to turn the water off to replace the flappers. Just remove the old one and install thenew one. It only takes about 5 seconds to do it.

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