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      Hi We recently had a sewer pumping station build next door with an air vent that has been releasing offensive odours.Were talking 6 -8 foot diameter sewer pipe for almost 1/2 the city.What type of gases should we be looking for and where is a good source for purchasing the tools for checking quality of air.
      Thanks Dave

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      John Aldrich1 in addition to being dangerous in certain concentrations, sewer gasses and sewer gas odors from this facility must significantly diminish your quality of life. Air quality issues are complex and air quality is a difficult thing to measure, especially when it comes to determining whether the concentration of a specific odorous gas is objectionable. In Colorado, we actually have folks whose noses are “State Certified! ” I think that you should contact a local environmental engineer that specializes in air quality issues.

      My Advice:
      Seek the assistance of a professional in this issue.

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