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      I’m not having a problem but was just looking to learn some information. I live in a two story house with a cemented in 6 foot crawl space. The only thing that is in my crawl space (besides storage) is my Furnace. I am wondering why I would have a sewer ejection pit/pump in my crawl. The only thing I notice that drains to it (without opening it up) is the AC. I’ve lived in my house for 2.5 years and can only recall the pump going off a few times.

      I guess my question is… If i have no appliances below the sewer level (ie toilets, showers or sinks), then why would I need a sewer ejection pit?

      Your help is greatly appreciated.

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      Are you sure it is sewer ej. pit. For the Toilets and others it would be a big pit with 4″ pipe. It must be sa sump pump for seepage water and AC unit. Can you see where it pumps to. If it is for surface water it should pump outside.

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      The unit pumps into the waste water lines. It does have a large 4 inch pipe. The pit also has an vent stack on it. The only reason I think that the AC condensor drains to it is because it empties into a drain maybe 16 inches away from the pit.

      I have a seperate Sump Pump for ground water that exits outside into my yard.

      Like I mentioned before, I’ve lived in my house for 2.5 years and can only remember hearing it go off twice. I remember because of the loud check valve in it. The two times I’ve heard it, I ran into the crawl to see what it was (I initially thought it was my regular sump pump which is nowhere as loud).

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      Why would my builder (house was built in 1996) add a sump pump and the sewer lines just for AC drainage? If this was the case, wouldn’t the just drain the AC to my regular ground water sump pump 20 feet away?

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      If you want to make sure nothingelse drains into the pit ,remove the cover and look to see if any pipes are present.If pit is full of water manually operate the pump float to lower water level.If you do remove the cover make sure you seal it properly when you install it . Some pits have an inspection hole cover that also can be removed.

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      I’d love to open it and see whats in there, but I live by the motto, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Knowing my luck, I’ll open it up and brake something in the process.

      My pit doesn’t have a inspection hole.

      Even if my pit does have something draining into it, how will I know what the source is?

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      Well according to your ”motto” if something is draining into the pit ,why mess with it ? cause it must be working,cause if it wasn’t you would have problems,right? The best way would be to have someone go to where the pit is located and listen while someonelse flushes all the stools individually for 4 or 5 times and before doing the next stool check with the person by the pit to see if pump turned on .Do this with all the plbg. in the house,next do the lavs and sinks.This is called the process of elimination.If pump turns on ,you know where it came from.Check also while raining to see if rain water goes to pit.A little time consuming,but what the heck,beats removing the pit lid,right?

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      Just the way you talk, sounds like the pipe from sump goes out the wall which means your sewer was to high to make a con. and had to be pumped.

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      The pump does go out the wall, but I do not have any fixtures below grade that would cause the need for a pump. I’ll try the suggestion above regarding flushing all the toilets and running the lavs.

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