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      geoff cox

      We have lived in our house for 8 yrs. now and just renovated our 2 bathrooms. New sinks and toilets went in downstairs and upstairs. Downstairs right outside my husbands bathroom in our hallway we can smell a foul odor. Now, the holding tank to our septic is right outside his bathroom window a few feet away. We have just had heavy rain and it’s very humid here, although we have never before smelled this after heavy rain and during humidity so we are very concerned. We are getting our septic pumped on Tuesday because it’s been 3 yrs. since we last did it and when I mentioned the odor to the guy on the phone he said I probably had the vent pipe right near there and that’s why I am smelling it. I went out and looked and sure enough, the vent pipe is on that side of the house. Is it because the tank is full that we are all of a sudden smelling this or is that not likely? It’s strange that we don’t actually smell it in his bathroom, just in the hall. Now, another thing that had me concerned, was the guy that put in our new tile in both bathrooms also put our new baseboards on and when he put the baseboards up in my bathroom upstairs we discovered that he went through a pipe and we had a little leak down in my basement. I am wondering if he also hit the vent pipe and put a little hole in it or is the vent pipe way to thick for that? He was using a nail gun. Sorry that this is so long, but this odor is driving me nuts. Thanks for any input. Pam

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      Retired plbg1

      If he shot a hole in the vent you will smell a little bit, Only thing I can say is extend the vent on your roof high enough to get over peek of roof and see if that works if not break into wall and see if he shot a nail in vent pipe or waste pipe.

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