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      I have a new home with an ejector pit, into which the A/C, washer and utility sink drain. The sump pump is located in the opposite corner of the basement (this has yet to kick in even after some bad midwest storms). Since moving in, there are times with the ejector pump cycles frequently (every 10-15 minutes) even though the washer, A/C, and sink are not draining into the pit. I have noticed this after a bad storm, but not always. Also, I have noticed that at times, after the pump cycles, there is water running/draining? in the pit? I have no idea where this water is coming from, or why the pump is cycling so often. I was told that it should only kick in when using the 3 items I mentioned earlier. Any advice!? My suspicion is that the sump pump is not doing it’s job and the ejector pit/pump has taken it’s place?? It’s waking me up at night and the constant hammer is maddening! Thanks!

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      Retired plbg1

      Sounds like you do not have check valve in the line. That will make pump recycle when water pumps up and drains back.

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      Ken Zoeller

      If you do have a check valve in the line, it sounds like there is ground water getting into your “sealed” pit some way. The water running sound gives the clue to that, if there is a check valve. I think it may be plumbed wrong. The drain lines under the floor may be going to this pit and not the sump. Ground water should not go to the sewer nor to the septic tank, if you are on septic. If you are on septic tank, you will have a septic failure sooner than later unless you get the ground water out of the septic tank.

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