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      Cora Fok

      Most flushes are incomplete, water and paper do not totally empty the bowl. Randomly we get a total flush. If cleaning agents, unclogging products are added flush is complete, bowl emprty completely everytime. Tried the 4 day enzines treatment, saw no change except on the flush that the product was added.


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      Retired plbg1

      First thing is to take a 5 gal. bucket of water and dump in bowl, if it goes down then check these.

      Is tank full up to mark?

      Does flapper stay open long enough to let water out? If not, adjust chain.

      Check in bowl at flushing rim with mirror and see if holes are clean. If not use wire coat hanger to open holes

      Is hole open in bowl?

      Is bowl or sewer stopped up?

      Call a Licensed Plumber if trouble cant be solved.

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      You could have something caught in the bowl,like toothbrush,etc.This could be causing paper to build up on the item every now and then.The products you use probably eats away the paper ,stool flushes fine until paper gets caught on the item again and starts to plug up.try a plunger or auger.If this does not work you will most likely have to remove the stool from the floor. If you have a two piece stool, lift up the tank flapper or tank ball nd make sure the opening under it is not plugged .I have seen these plugged with bowl cleaner caps and even hair curlers.

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      Thanks for your responses. I shorted the chain, almost taut and I’m getting complete flushes.

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