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      ronda copper

      The side of the sink with the garbage disposal has clogged up. Is there anyway to use products like liquid Drano to clear it? I can’t figure out what went wrong, the last thing I put down it was avacado peels. It seems to spin just fine and I can’t feel anything blocking the blades.

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      Retired plbg1

      Sounds like your trap is clogged up. take trap apart and see, if so clean it out if not call a Plumber.

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      Try using a plunger on the disposer side. Remember to block off the other side of the sink so water will not come up it .Use the sink basket strainer and hold down on it with a rag or towel.If the disposer side of the sink does not have water in dd some before plunging.

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      Sounds like your trap or trap arm is clogged. Avocados are full of vegetable fat, and any fatty/greasy stuff loves to clog drains.

      Let me use this opportunity to express once again my very negative opinion of “garbage disposals.” I know that the citizenry loves these appliances, and that suppliers and plumbers make a great deal of money by selling them (and also by making service calls to “fix” them).

      “Garbage” is not meant to go down the drain. It is supposed to go in the trash or the compost heap. This silly idea of the garbage disposal was foisted on the populace for no other reason than to make the manufacturers and installers/repairers richer. It also enriches electricians, who need to install special circuits to power these absurd contraptions.

      Chief among the many problems with GDs is that they encourage homeowners to believe that they can grind up all manner of trash, from potato peels to chicken bones, and flush the stuff into their sink drains. Sooner or later even the best designed drains will clog under such abuse.

      I always try to discourage clients from installing a GD and instead encourage them to use a well-made drain strainer and to take the extra (and minimal) effort to dump whater accumulates in the strainer into the garbage can, which is really the proper place for garbage…

      The fact is that a well-designed sink drain with a meticulously used strainer will hardly ever clog, whereas even the best designed sink drain with a GD that is regularly tasked to eat potato peels and chicken bones will eventually clog.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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