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      Shaun E Conley

      My toilet on the 2nd. floor is sluggish and takes long to drain (several flushes). The other toilet on this floor and the one on ground floor or 1st. floor work ok.
      I have tried Baking Soda several times to get it to flush adequately but no improvement.

      Will appreciate all help and suggestions

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      Retired plbg1

      Take a 5 gal. bucket of water and dump it in bowl fast and see if it flushes good, if so then try these.
      1 Is tank full up to mark
      2 Does flapper stay up long enough for flush.
      3 Check flushing rim and see if holes are clean with mirror, if not clean out with coat hanger.
      4 If you have hole in bowl clean that out.
      5 Might have vent problem
      6 Call a Plumber if these don’t work.

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      thanks a lot. 5gallons bucket flushed well. The water does not fill the tank to the rim (as compared to other toilets in the house all similar). Tried adjusting flapper unit(the tall fixed part); moved it up and down several times. then tank filled to the water level as per mark inside the tank. Right now working. Do u think the whole flapper unit the tower, chain ball etc. is wrong sized? If size not std. how can I tell? I hope I have been able to describe the problem. Right now it is filling to the mark and flushing ok

      Thanks and please do write if I should do anything else.
      If it goes out again and I have to call a plumber what should be the approx. cost assuming that that is the only problem.

      thanks once again.

      requesting help

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