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      Our block is a heavily treed 12 acre block. We would like to preserve as many trees as possible. Also I understand thyere may be other things to consider. If anyone as any useful info on this matter it would be much appreciated.

      Confused first home builder[email]
      Please put “septic” as subject if replying by e-mail, thanks.

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      John Aldrich1

      Marty, please be more specific in providing information in your inquiry. Are you planning on installing a new septic system? Where in the world is your “block” located? What are the species of trees growing on your block?

      In Colorado USA, the State Guidelines for on-site sewage treatment systems requires that a leach field must have a minimum setback distance from a tree or shrub of 6-feet. I think that who ever was responsible for drafting the Guidelines used a dart board to come up with some number for this setback distance. It is obvious that there is no scientific basis for this setback distance requirement, and there is no basis for the setback distance to be left to common sense. It matters not if the tree has a trunk that is 5-feet in diameter or 1-inch in diameter, and there is no mention in the Guidelines as to the species of tree or shrub of concern.

      John Aldrich (Septic Tank Yank)
      Septic System Consultant
      Timnath, Colorado USA

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