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      I am remodeling my basement bathroom and I cut up the concrete floor so that I can move drains for shower, toilet and sink. My two questions are ; Can I use a flexible fernco coupling to adapt 4″CI to 4″PVC and have no worry about backfilling and repouring concrete.
      I was installing pvc and a couple of times I messed up , getting in head of myself by priming and cementing a couple of joints but realizing that I had wrong joints together so I pulled them apart while the cement was still wet, wiped off excess and put aside then when I was ready to use them I re-primered and cemented, is this ok to do or have any of you guys done this and had no problem with a joint leaking? I was joining 2″pvc pipe to 22 degree fitting using Oatey purple primer and Oatey Heavy Duty cement. Please help me put to rest my worring mind.

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      So far as I know (SFAIK) you cannot embed Fernco(rubber) fittings in concrete…or in any otherwise “inaccessable” location. It may be that well-installed Fernco fittings are “OK” for such installations…they are just not approved by the codes.


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