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      I’m trying to put in a neo-angle shower in my new basement finish, so I have to have 12″ from both sides for drain. This is causing difficulty when I also try to use a p-trap. Are there any alternatives to a p-trap that meet code (like a one way valve of some sort?)?.
      Thanks in advance,
      Mark Nadig (mark@nadigs.net)
      note: I could probably actually fit the p-trap in there, it’s getting a vent also before I drop that’s causing a problem.

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      The p-trap is required by code. The only other traps that USED to be allowed and are grandfathered in are drum and u-traps, but you can’t use these in new construction. Your problem is fairly common one and is due to failure to provide for an ample tub box to provide trap positioning in the slab. As regards the vent, this needs to be placed in the drain line at the UPC specified distances. In a basement, that needs to be plumbed before the slab is placed, otherwise you will have problems requiring demolition.


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      Thanks for taking time to reply Nick. Yes, will require demolition – which sounds a whole lot more fun that it will be

      Mark Nadig

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