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      I’m hoping someone can give me their insights: I am about to remodel our basement, i’ve seen a really nifty “Qwik-Jon” platform type of up-flush toilet that i’d liket to go with. If you are familirar with this product, awesome, if not, briefly, it’s a platform that’s about 5 inches or so high with a tank behind where the toilet will sit on the platform. A pump in the tank ejects the waste up to the level of the over-head pipe. Anyway, there’s also an “input” into the tank for a bathroom sink, so it is intended to handle a sink in addition to the flushing. I’d like to know if you think it might be able to handle the amount of water that a washing machine would use. Alternatively, would a washing machine simply be able to handle pumping the water up a total of about 8 feet? Maybe bypassing the toilet-tank altogether. I’m looking for a

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      Retired plbg1

      The drain has to be 2″ are larger for Washmachjine, check with MFG.

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      Ken Zoeller

      The Qwik Jon will handle the washmachine load well. Make sure you read the installation instructions completely. The inlet for the washmachine must NOT go into the Qwik Jon in same places because the inflow will interfere with the switch operation. go to to see one and click on installation instructions in lower left corner.

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      Retired plbg1

      Ken check out this site , everyonce in awhile some body ask about your outfit, I saw the pic. from your web site and it looked good.

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