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      Is there any design requirements or standard templates for locating the toilet flange on the floor? Certain inches from the unfinished floor? etc…

      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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      There are three rough-in distances from the FINISH wall to the center of the toilet flange. The most common )standard toilet) is 12″. Manufacturers also make a compact 10″ rough-in toilet. 14″ rough-in toilets are also available to replace older two-piece toilets with wall-hung tanks (if you try to replace one of these with a standard 12″ two-piece your tank will sit too far from the wall. Hope this helps.


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      I assume you are referring to the height of the closet collar from the unfinished floor and not the unfinished wall You just have to measure from the unfinished floor and allow for the thickness of whatever you are going to put on for the finished floor and cut your pipe the right height . No templates that I know of.If the floor is going to be concrete,you will need a spacer over the pipe so after the floor is poured you can attach the collar.

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      Geez, Race has got me again…I need to read the posts more carefully…I thought you were talking about distance from the WALL, not the FLOOR. My comments about the rough-in to the wall are correct. As regards the floor, the bottom of the flange must sit upon the floor and its top, therefore, will project above the floor by the thickness of the flange ring. The top of the flange must not be flush with the floor, nor recessed into it.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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