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      clive phillips

      We are in a real bind here. We had severe water damage to our house which required all floors to be redone. In order to do that the toilets & sinks in the both our bathrooms had to be removed.

      the toilets are back on (sinks are not)- one has water in it & one doesn’t yet. The toilets were existing toilets that worked FINE before being disconnected – both toilets are less than a year old. Now the toilet backs up & will not drain solid waste down!! The seal was replaced with a new one & we don’t know what to do now.

      We can plunge the waste down & water/toilet paper goes down fine.

      What can we check? what can we do?

      Is the fact that one toilet has water & the other doesn’t some how affecting this? We have sewer lines & not a septic tank.

      What could have happened when they took the toilets off that caused this to happen? They blocked the drains so nothing would go down in them during the reflooring.

      We have tile in both bathrooms – but did before & the toilets worked fine.

      Please – any advice would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks :-)

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      Robert Stephen Morton

      purplekat. Call the licensed Plumber that replaced the toilet, as this reinstatement should be covered in the insurance claim. He is bound to make the necessary repairs, it could be that he hasnt removed the plug that should have been used to block the drains. If some yahoo has just placed paper or rag down the drain, maybe he or she is responsible for the material going down.
      Best be is to call the Licensed Plumber to investigate!

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      Bob – well I guess that might be part of the problem – the guys who took out the flooring & put it back were not licenses plumbers!!!

      They are done with their work now & gone!

      I got a toilet auger & the block is not in the toilet itself.

      Now it’s so bad that it just fills the bowl to the top & just slowly drains the water out!!!

      It gets clogged with just TP in it now too!!!!!

      So how extensive & expensive is getting the drain cleaned out going to be if it falls back on us?

      Thanks –


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      Robert Stephen Morton

      purplekat. assuming that the problem is the material or object used to block the drain, also assuming that you come from USA, then Mr Nick the plumber or racyphone might be more appropriate to give you some idea, In Australia any one who carries out any work to do with building & contracts with the public, must be licensed & has therefore got to carry insurance, so you wouldnt normally have this sort of problem here.
      If I were called to clear a blockage of this sort and assuming the drainage has not been interfered with by unlicensed persons, then I would estimate the job would take no longer than 1 hr. However not knowing the object, it could be a bigger job.
      How about you Nick or fast phone.

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