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      We have a newly constructed home W/Walk out bacement.
      once in awhile we have sewer type smell in the bacement that I cannot pinpoint anywhere.
      It is on a 2-500 gal septic tank system W/leach field
      the PVC under bacement floor is 4″ and vent out of roof is 3″ could this be a cause?
      is is a possibility that the PVC bipe broke under the floor? I would think the stink would be here all the time if that was the case.
      it is really almost unbearable some days I really am at a loss about where it is coming from … I have 1 floor drain I add water to to keep it full and fresh.
      I have allot of stink from my roof vent pipe I can smell at ground level is there a set standard for how high a vent pipe should be in relation to itch and location from peak on these? or do I just put on a filter?

      I am afraid this smell is going to ruin our new carpet soon.
      I appriciate plumbers and could really use the help.


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      Check out a vendor who sells charcoal activated filters. They should be able to get rid of those obnoxious odors.

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