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      Christopher Storey

      I have a 15 year old home that is located in the Tennessee mountains. We just moved in and the septic system did not give the previous owners any problems. The Tennessee area has had several months of rain and the septic system was pumped by a man that said the system field lines were draining back into the tank. I asked him if he thought the system was failing and he said no because he has been seeing high water table levels. I assume that he is right but I can’t make that determination until we get several days or weeks of dry weather. I would even like to conduct a perc test again to see if the system percolation rate is within range.

      I have thought about using some drain field treatments in order to avoid the cost of a field replacement but I am very skiddish about forking over money that does not fix the problem. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Also, has anyone seen field lines back up and pool, with regards to infiltrated rain water or increased water table?

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      I would have to agree with the septic tank person.If the water table is high and saturated and you add more water and there is no place for it to seep away ,it will puddle up until the area dries up enough .I would think the ground acts like a sponge,when the sponge becomes saturated to the point where it can no longer absorb more water the water will pool around it until it dries out and then it will take on more water. Just my way of thinking.

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