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        I’ve heard of(but can’t locate)a specialty valve that can be mounted under the farthest fixture from the hwh tank that will recirculate hot water to cold using existing pipes and keep hot water at all fixtures for instant use. Anyone know of this item???

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        Avatar photowlundonly

          I don’t know of a valve that will work for what you want, but I have heard of several pumps that do.

          Check out the Chilipepper appliance. The website URL is Another device is the Metlund system. URL:

          Hope this helped

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          Avatar photoSylvanLMP

            Contact NIBCO MFR. and ask for “just Right” it is a non electric circulation device. Try reading this article for more information


            Good luck

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            Avatar photoGuest

              thanks for the referrals…i was looking for a self contained non electric specialy valve with the ability to thermally transfer water at a slow rate. probably similar in operation to the nibco except it mounts under a sink, with no return line.

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              Avatar photohj

                Thermal water circulation requires that the hot water line to the subject fixture must be on a continual uphill pitch. The thermal flow will stop immediately at the first down turn of any magnitude. The return water to the heater should also slope downhill to the water heater, but that is not quite as important, since that water will usually be at ambient temperature and will be displaced by the rising hot water. If your hot and cold water lines meet these criteria, or can be repitched to conform to the requirements, then the NIBCO valve can be installed between the hot and cold water lines under the sink or bathtub.

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