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        I am doing some research on drain cleaners. I am looking for answers from a plumbers perspective. Can you please help me answer the following questions?

        1. Do you clean clogged drains?

        2. If yes, would you rather not?

        3. Do you recommend chemical drain cleaners to your customers or use them yourself?

        4. Has your business slowed in this economy?

        5. If yes, does this change the way you fell about drain cleaning? Whould you still consider recomending a chemical drain cleaner?

        Please help.

        My e-mail is [email protected].

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        Avatar photoJohn Aldrich1

          1. No
          2. NA
          3. No!!!
          4. No
          5. Absolutely No!!

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          Avatar photomikeinpa

            1.Yes 2. No 3.No 4.No 5.No

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            Avatar photonicktheplumber

              My answers are the same as mikinpa’s…but I will add that I always tell my clients that if they want to avoid clogged drains they should: 1) eschew garbage disposals; and 2) use well-designed sink strainers instead.

              Of course I also recommend not pouring grease down kitchen drains, not trying to flush paper towels and feminine napkins/tampons down toilets, etc.

              If the client has a well-designed DVW system and follows my advice there will never be a blockage. Well, maybe the tub/shower drain will plug up with hair, but even this can be avoided by installing a good tub strainer and keeping it clean…

              I don’t recommend chemical drain cleaners for two reasons. They are probably safe for ABS/PVC/PE and CI traps and fittings. They are questionable for thin 1 1/4 and 1/1/2″ traps. I’ve seen these puppies corrode out and leak. The main reason I dislike these cleaners is that they provide the homeowner with a false sense of security: it’s ok to abuse the drain if you pour a bit of this magic potion into it once in a while…

          Viewing 3 reply threads
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