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        Hi, we live in a rural mountain community in CO and suspect that a neighbor has a failed septic tank. We don’t think it’s ours as we have poked around the tank AND the leach field and have not found any sort of odor, plus we only smell this odor when the wind is from a certain direction (from the NW and our system is S). This is an odd question but is there any way to go about finding the source except ‘following one’s nose’? i.e. anything to look for around the leach field, etc.? We cannot determine which neighbor it’s coming from… you’d think THEY would notice but we have some neighbors that, well, to put it nicely, really don’t care about their yards that much so we suspect they either don’t care, have no sense of smell or simply can’t afford to take care of the issue. Also, what recourse do we have if we DO find the offender?

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        Avatar photosgrabiel

          Your recourse may be installing a charcoal activated filter on your vent stacks or on vents on the septic tank. Please go to to review our solutions

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          Avatar photoKen Zoeller

            Contact your local health department and let them follow their noses to the problem. Be prepared to have to “fix” your own.

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