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        My sump pump drain line was broken where it comes out of the ground and emptys above ground. I dug down to the break( about a foot or two )and used 3 inch pcp pipe and rubber adapter to connect with clamps,( came up at a 90 andanother 90 to empty) I then filled it in with just dirt.
        Now when the temparture is below freezing,the line freezes there. A few buckets of hot water is poured over the above ground pipe to get it going again. my neighbor used pcp pipe and has no problems. Should I have used crushed stone under the pipe,or insulated the underground pipe somehow?

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          You still got water in the pipe when the pump shuts off.Drilla small hole in the discharge pipe right after the check valve in the pit,this will alow the water to drain back into the pit when the pump shuts off.WHERE DO YOU LIVE THAT WOULD ALLOW YOU TO DISCHARGE WASTE WATER ABOVE GROUND?Thats a no no where I reside.

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